WHY COLLECT BOOKS NOW? – Christopher de Lotbinière’s rare books

How obsessive do you want to be?  

The problem with any form of collecting, and also part of the fun, is how obsessive you allow yourself to become:  

Does it matter if a book is a first edition?

Not at all, I don’t collect rare books. What matters to me is the subject, but I do appreciate the older editions.

Does it matter if the jacket is OK, but there\’s a rip?

I have a few damaged goods, which I usually take care  of. Don’t have a problem with that as long as there are no missing pages. I hate missing pages! damn it

Should you fetishistically put a plastic wrapper on the jacket, so it doesn\’t get any more damage?

Well… I do have many books in plastic wrap, but then again I have even more without a wrap. The wrapping is on my To Do list…

Should you buy some more book shelves and start a proper library?

Definitely. I HAVE started my own proper library, and there’s never enough storage space. I like it when the books are comfortably situated on shelfs and in bookcases.

Wouldn\’t it be cheaper to get rid of the children, whose grubby little fingers show no respect for books, and just concentrate on the books?

Hey, here’s another good reason not to have children.

All in all I’d say I’m not obsessed at all…

via WHY COLLECT BOOKS NOW? – Christopher de Lotbinière’s rare books.

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