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I saw this video on one of my favorite sites, geeksaresexy.net, and thought I’d share

Basically I feel the same way.  Not reading is pretty much a deal breaker for me.  I want my kids (if I ever have any) to grow up with a love of reading, and the best way for that to happen is if they see both their parents reading.  I already make bi-weekly trips to the bookstore, I want someone to share that with.

I own over 800 books. 819 to be exact and I’ve read 97% of those.  That doesn’t count the books I’ve read and don’t own. Reading is kind of important to me.  I just need to figure out how you meet other people who also enjoy spending all day in their homes reading.  Perhaps this is the answer (pinned from tumbler).

If I ever get up the courage, I’m doing this.

I also just realized when looking at the preview of this post, that I chose this theme because it looks like a leather bound book.  Yeah, I probably have an obsession.

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8 thoughts on “What I go for in a Woman | exactlymythinking

  1. Fantastic video. Funny as hell. And witty. And brimming with possibilities.

    I’d like a girl who reads 2.

  2. Reblogged this on Nair View and commented:
    This video I found in Anna’s blog has been going over and over in my head, because – I like a girl who reads…

  3. Yeah… When it comes to women, I am like a zombie… I like brains… ooh, I need to tweet that…

  4. Dishi Bora says:

    Haha…. I am just love reading…………… and want a partner who loves to read too.. 🙂

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